Large Remote Control Helicopter

Nothing could be better for play time than a large remote control helicopter. These choppers can be taken to the park or the beach or played with in any outdoor space. This is the toy that offers both children and adults the chance to be in control with their remote control device. They can provide lots of entertainment for the whole family. Some people even choose to buy two so that the family can have some friendly flying competition.

Before choosing a remote control helicopter, potential buyers must consider their budget restraints and some of the advantages the larger models have over the smaller ones. One of the main reasons that more chopper enthusiasts choose the big ones is that they are able to fly higher and to be controlled from a greater distance. It adds more realism to the adventure. Another advantage is that the rechargeable batteries in these make the flights last longer, which allows more fun for either the child or adult owner.

Double Horse 65cm Helicopter #9101
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This economically priced helicopter is super-fast and sure to provide hours of fun. It has a lightweight 3.5 pounds and can whisk in and out in a second. Children will love watching this great chopper as it flies up and down and all around. It is a good size measuring 32 x 4 x 6 inches. The manufacture is Double Horse and the model number is 9101. This company recommends that only those 14 years old and up should use this chopper. Unlike other helicopters on the market, this one has an amazing design that uses an advanced intelligent balance system to help control the electronic device. Nothing is worse than getting a new toy like this and having little control over it. Double Horse makes sure that their customers have the ability to control it thoroughly.

It has three channels that the driver can select to fly with. The different settings, or channels, will give the driver the ability to move it up and down and all around with ease. The large remote control helicopter measures 28 inches and is a good size for play for children. The stability of this toy will amaze you. You can make it hover overhead and even let go of the controls and it will stay in midair without issue. The reviews show that this little device is quite durable. While similar choppers seem to tear up pretty easy when bouncing them off the walls or a ceiling, this one gets great evaluations from those who own it. The price point is great at around $50.00. Some of these larger helicopters can go upwards of $100, but for the price this one proves to be worth every penny.

Syma S033G Helicopter
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This ready to fly Helicopter just needs a simple charge and it’s ready to go. It comes in a wide variety of colors that include both vibrant reds and yellow. Made by Syma, one of the leaders in the remote control industry, this chopper gets rave reviews. It is a large remote control helicopter, in fact one of the largest on the market. Known for its enormous size and its ability to fly super-fast, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular helicopters on the market. This remote controlled device is like the Cadillac of choppers. It is easy to drive and steer and there is no problem getting it to go where you want it to go. 

This helicopter is a large size at 67 x 30 x 13 cm. What makes this even more amazing than its incredible size is the fact that it has LED lights on it. Flying at night or in darker spaces has never been so much fun. Marketed as an anti-crash toy, little bumps and scraps along the ceiling and walls won’t bust it in a million pieces like other choppers in its class.

There are 3.5 channels that allow the driver to have better control over their chopper. Forget using 1 or 2 channels, use all of them and experience how easy it is to fly such a large device. What do reviews say about this product? Amazingly everyone is raving about how amazing it is. This chopper has the ability to go over 3 miles per hour with ease. While the 3 mph speed may not seem like a lot that is a good pace for a smaller device like this.

Some children love the mystifying affect the chopper takes on at night. Some reported it even looks like a UFO hovering outside. Regardless of whether using it during the day or the night this one is sure to please. It retails for around $60, but again it is one of the more inexpensive helicopters on the market.

While these are just two of the choppers that can be purchased in this price range, the options are limitless. These remote controlled devices can provide hours of entertainment from both adults and children alike. They make a great birthday gift, Christmas present or a just because present. A large remote control helicopter is the perfect present for anyone at any time.