What kind of rc helicopter kits for beginner to choose?

If you are a beginner and decided to purchase a remote control helicopter, what kind of rc helicopter kits you should choose?

Personnally, it is better that beginner should choose the cheaper, primary helicopter like syma, double horse, UDI …etc. With these helicopters are perfect for technology, then changing more upscale helicopters. Because of principle and control technique are the same as all helicopters. But the cost is lower. Because of collective pitch or CCPM rotor head, and radio also has more parameters. High-grade helicopter debugging is more complex and more difficult to get started.

WLtoys V911(2)

My summary is as follow, please according the actual situation by yourself:

1、If have past master to teach you, and need not to consider the cost, you can purchase a high-grade electric helicopter such as 450, 6 channel or above of 6 channel equipment, gyroscope, also can buy steering gear, gyroscope and other more directly;

2、If have past master to teach you, and you care the cost, you can buy a BlackHawk 500 gas power helicopter, or Walkera QR X400, even buy a 36 inch empty helicopter, and then choose 6 channel equipment such as HITEC, FUTABA, SANWA, and good price-performance of steering gear, gyroscope;

3、If you learn by yourself, and need not to consider the cost, you can buy a 36 inch completed helicopter, often look at forums , consult past master, and it can fly well after adjusted. After learned how to hover and simple route, you can charge 450;

4、If you learn by yourself, and care the cost, you should consider fixed pitch helicopter like WLtoys H911, MJX F645, or 4 inch helicopters. These rc helicopter kits have simple structure, easy to debugging and the accessories are cheaper;

5、If just to play, I recommended coaxial paddle helicopter, such as Syma S107, UDI U803. It can fly immediately.

No matter what kind of helicopter you will choose, I think below three points are very important:

1、You must have a good psychological preparation before purchase a remote control helicopter, the helicopter is not as remote control car, it is not easy to learn how to hover with keeping to modify the helicopter body.

2、You must buy or “make” a simulator at the same time (It has a lot of free method that play the simulator in simulator version), simulator training is very necessary, only to form the right rudder surface conditioning, to ensure less breaking or no breaking . After all, changing accessories means money.

3、Beginner should not consider “one pace reaches the designated position” from start. This is absolutely wrong. With the helicopter flying from introduction to 3 d, not only a helicopter can be done, even the past master could not do that. So, it is only waste money, and in the end or only can fly airline. Even really reached the state of 3 d, your high-grade servo and other accessories have been frayed in the hovering and break, and it can not keep up the Degree of accuracy.

Common electric rc helicopter kits model reviews:

一、Coaxial Helicopter:
1、Syma S107G
2、UDI U803
3、Double Horse 9101
4、syma S102G
5、Syma S107C
6、Double Horse 9100

二、Fixed Pitch Helicopter:
1、WLtoys H911
2、MJX F645
4、Heli-Max HMXE0815

三、Collective Pitch Helicopter(3D):
A、Electric Drive Tail:
1、E-SKY CP2 3D
2、E-SKY Honey Bee 3D
B、Belt Drive Tail:
1、BlackHawk 400
C、Shaft Drive Tail: